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SR06 Series FCU Valves

SR06 Series FCU Valves

SR06 series motorized valve is used to control the flow of the pipe in chilled/hot water system so as to control the room temperature. DC motor in motorized valve is driven by on-off power module and automatically returned after power off. When motorized valve does not work, it is normally closed. When it works, the room thermostat sends a signal to the motorized valve to open. Then the Chilled / hot water enter into fan coil unit so as to supply the cooling or heating to the room. When room temperature meets the set point of thermostat, the thermostat will send a signal to close the motorized valve. Through the control of the opening of the valve, the room temperature maintains within the set range of the thermostat.
Material Precision casting 304 SS
Seal: Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR)
Cover: High strength fire-retardant engineering plastic
Chassis: High strength fire-retardant engineering plastic
Working media Chilled/hot water
Media temperature 2~94℃ (36~201℉)
Body pressure PN25
Pipe connection: NPT(N), BSP(G), Sweat(S), Inverted Flare(I)
Sealing method Flat sealing
Power supply


Power consumption 4.5W by hysteresis synchronous motor
Action time

Fully open: about 10 s after power on 5 s

Fully close: about 10 s after power off

Storage Capacity Charge Time < than 1 Min
Operation method Normal-close(C), Normal-open(O), Bypass(B)
Working ambient temperature <40℃ (104℉)
Working ambient humidity 10~90% RH no condensation
Storage temperature -20~65℃ (-68~149℉)
Proportional input signal On/Off

Valve and Actuator Combination

Model Type Size Kvs Full stroke time (Second) Closing-off pressure (Mpa/psi)
SR06GC22020A43 2-way 20MM 2.0/2.3 55 300
300 2-way 20MM 3.2/3.7 55 300
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