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Energy Balancing Valve


The Sinro Energy balancing valve is suggested to use in Terminal Units in HVAC system to secure the best comfort level of customers. It is ideal for all automatic temperature control applications with chilled or hot water.
The Energy Balancing Valve, with an embedded temperature sensor, is a two-way valve that optimizes terminal unit performance. The opening of Sinro energy balancing valve actuators is controlled by PID to meet the requested room temperature precisely. .

Features and Benefits

  • Accuracy and Speediness: Detects return water temperature directly.
  • Automatical heating cooling change-over available
  • On/Off, 3-point or Modulating control mode
  • Achieves terminal unit performance by the designed return water temperature exactly.
  • Minor adjustment by room thermostat is required to secure comfort.
  • Equal percentage flow characteristic yields a linear heating/cooling output.
  • Improve plant performance by improving chiller or boiler efficiency.
  • Power-off return function ensures valves / system security (except for SEA06 Model).

Actuator Specification

Supply Voltage 24Vac ±10%; 50/60Hz
Control Type 0~10V / 4~20mA
Motor Bi-directional Synchronous AC Motor*
Power-off Return Model No: SEA02-E, SEA04-E, SEA05-E
Manual Override Model No: SEA02-E, SEA04-E, SEA05-E, SEA06-E
Default Temp. Setting 12℃ (cooling) / 50℃ (heating)
Temp. Control Precision ±2%
IP Class IP42 (Model No.: SEA02-E)
IP54 (Model No.: SEA04-E, SEA05-E,SEA06-E)
Sensing Element NTC (10K, 25℃ )
Wiring 0.5~1.0mm²


Valve Specification

Media Chilled / Hot Water
Chilled / Hot Water + 50% glycol
Media Temp. 2~94℃
Flow Characteristic Equal Percentage
Size DN20~DN150
End Fitting BSP, NPT-Female (DN20~DN50, Model No.: SEV01, SEV02, SEV06 Models)
Flanged (DN65~DN150,Model No.: SEV04)
Max. Close-off Pressure 600kPa
Pressure Rating PN25 (Model No.: SEV01, SEV02, SEV06)
PN16 / PN 25 (Model No.: SEV04)
Valve Body Materials Brass (Model No.: SEV02)
Stainless Steel (Model No.: SEV01, SEV06)
Casting Iron (Model No.: SEV04)
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