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SPV03 Series Flow Modulating Valve

SPV03 series flow balancing modulating valve is combined flow sensor and modulating control valve. The sizes are from DN32 to DN50. Users can preset the flow limit under maximum Kv rating according toterminal design request even before water running. The valve will be positioned to its optimum operating position according to the signal from the actuator until the preset flow limit is reached and then the preset flow rate limit will be maintained.SPV03 Series flow balancing modulating valve assures that all terminal equipment will perform as specified and HVAC system will operate under accurately and dynamically balanced conditions. Terminal equipment with SPV03 Series flow balancing modulating valves will not exceed design flow even after modifications or additions to the system.

Product Feature

  • Employs Flow Sensor to Limit Maximum Flow
    • Provides flow balancing function with simple commissioning procedures as compared to pressure-type balancing valve
    • Better balanced system with less pump power
  • One-Piece Design
    • Impeller-type water flow sensor and control valve are integrated together as one piece for easy and economical field installation.
  • Flow Display
    • Local LCD display of maximum flow rates setting for easy field adjustment and lower balancing labor.
    • Local LCD display of current operating flow rates with analog signal output for remote monitoring
  • Characterized Opening
    • Establishes a flow coefficient (Kv) similar to globe valves, eliminating the need for pipe size correction tables when sizing valves
    • Provides superior Rangeability and equal percentage flow characteristics.
  • Low Torque
    • Facilitates the use of smaller, less expensive direct-mount rotary-motion actuators
    • Extends valve and actuator service life

Technical Data

MODEL Series of product
Service ¹ Cold and Hot water, water with max, 50% Volume of glycol
Valve Body Forged Brass
Pressure Rating PN 25
Maximum Close-off Pressure 600kpa
Flow Characteristic Equal Percentage
Flow Accuracy ± 5%
Kvs value 3.2 ~ 40 m3/h
Valve Body Size DN32 – DN50mm
Rangeability 1:100
Rotation angle 90 degree
Media Temperature 2 degree C ~ 94 degree C
Ambient Conditions 2 degree C ~ 60 degree C
End Connections Female thread
MATERIAL Body Forged Brass
Ball Stainless Steel
Stem Stainless Steel
Seats PTFE
O ring NBR
Sensor STEM Alloy (3J40)
BEARING Graphite Bearing

Valve and Actuator Combination

Type Kv Size Actuators Close-Off Pressure (KPa) Pressure Class
SPV03G32 2 way 3.2~16 60 G 11/4” 0.6 PN25
SPV03G40 5~25 60 G 1½”
SPV03G50 8~40 60 G 2”
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