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SBV 04 Series Ball Valve

SBV series flange casting iron ball valve bodies are widely used to control water flow in central air-conditioning, heating system. It has SBV03 full port model and SBV04 characterized opening model. Matched with SBA05 and SBA06 series actuator, the valve is driven by actuators and can be rotates to different angle. There are five sizes: DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125 and DN150. And there are full port and characterized opening types.

Product Feature

  • Cast Iron Valve body
  • Modified Equal percentage
  • DN65…150
  • Flanged connection with ISO7005
  • Equipped with SBA…. Ball valve actuator for 4 bar close off pressure
  • Ball Sealing made of PTFE material with high lubricating ability and abrasion resistance

Technical Data

MODEL Series of product
Service ¹ Cold and Hot water, water with max, 50% Volume of glycol
Valve Body Cast Iron HT250
Pressure Rating PN 16
Maximum Close-off Pressure 400kpa
Flow Characteristic Equal Percentage
Flow Accuracy
Kvs value 64 ~ 416 m3/h
Valve Body Size DN65 – DN150mm
Leakage 0.01%
Rangeability 1:50
Rotation angle 90 degree
Media Temperature 20 C ~ 940 C
Ambient Conditions 20 C ~ 600 C
End Connections Flanged connection with ISO7005
Ball Stainless Steel 304
Stem Stainless Steel 304
Seats PTFE (poly Tetra Fluro Ethylene)
O ring NBR

Valve and Actuator Combination

Type Kv Cv Size Actuators Close-Off Pressure (KPa) Pressure Class
SBV04F265064F 2 way 64 4.7 DN 65 SBA05… 400 PN16
SBV04F280102F 102 7.4 DN 80
SBV04F2100218F 163 11.7 DN 100
SBV04F2125260F 260 18.7 DN 125 SBA06…
SBV04F2150416F 416 29.3 DN 150
SBV04F265064M 2 way 64 4.7 DN 65 SBA05… 400 PN25
SBV04F265064M 102 7.4 DN 80
SBV04F2100218M 163 11.7 DN 100
SBV04F2125260M 260 18.7 DN 125 SBA06…
SBV04F2150416M 416 29.3 DN 150
Actuator Application Valve Size Actuator Connection
SBA05 DN65, DN80, DN100 Screw cap & bolt
SBA06 DN125, DN150 Bolt
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